Reverse Osmosis Membrane Manufacturer,Technology derives from USA.
RUNMO @ WATPAG water expo India, 22~24,Feb,2019

RUNMO @ WATPAG water expo India, 22~24,Feb,2019

2019-03-19 15:53:01

RUNMO with FROTEC attended the WATPAG water expo India, 22~24,Feb,2019

many clients from India have known RUNMO brand of membranes before, due to buying water treatment products from FROTEC.

now RUNMO has its own international sales team, many Indian clients complain that where and how to buy RUNMO membranes directly from factory. 

Now here is the chance, RUNMO, as a membrane factory showed in the Expo will OEM/ODM customized brand or establish RUNMO brand membrane dealers for all the companies in helping them the membrane business!

RUNMO, now shows up every where in China Market and keeps running to the world.