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UF-4046 ultrafiltration membrane

UF-4046 ultrafiltration membrane

UF-4046 ultrafiltration membrane Data Sheet:                               UF 4046 membranes    


The Runmo® UF-4046 is an Ultra Filtration membrane unit made by PAN material hollow fiber tubes, PVC shell. These UF membranes are characterized by Antibacterial function.(especially good for removing particulate, virus, colloid, albumin protein, gelatin, carbon black, organic compound.......










Module Type


Max. Working Pressure

43 psi (0.3MPa)

Suggested Working Pressure

30 psi (0.2MPa)

Max. Trans-membrane Pressure Drop

30 psi (0.2MPa)

Max. Feed Water Temperature


Active Membrane Area 

4.8 m2

Designing Permeate Water Flow 

40~150 L/m2/H

Cut-Off Molecular

50,000 Dalton

Hollow Fiber Tubes In/Out Diameter


Hollow Fiber Tubes Quantity

1,500 pcs

pH Range of Feed Water During Continuous Operation


Initial Permeate Flow

1 m3

Feed Water Turbidity

< 70 NTU

Permeate Water Turbidity

< 1 NTU

Feed Water Residual Chlorine

< 70 ppm

Feed Water SDI15

< 25

Permeate Water SDI15

< 3