Reverse Osmosis Membrane Manufacturer,Technology derives from USA.


Since founded in Suzhou City, China in 2014, Suzhou Runmo Water Treatment Technology Co.,Ltd. has been focused on R&D, manufacturing and marketing of Reverse Osmosis Membrane, Ultrafiltration Membrane and MBR Filtration Systems. Thanks to its cooperation with US high-tech companies, Runmo has developed and launched its ultra-low pressure series and brackish water series RO membranes, which have been tested by market and popular both at home and abroad over past few years.

Nowadays, Runmo has become one of the leading manufacturers of RO/UF membranes in China, with production facility of 7500 m2 and annual output of 270,000 pieces of membrane per year. Our company is seeking to build up and enhance its sales network in the international market, welcome to contact us if you’re interested in cooperation with Runmo!

“If our membrane quality and price are not good, were there so many dealers around the whole China, to help me sell to their local market?”----Wang Zhengyu----Company Owner

“Why should we cooperate this business? I don’t want to sell the membranes to you at just one times, I want to promote this business with you together, let your customers enjoy the more economic and same quality membranes. Your customers always remember you and our membranes, that is my happiest thing!”----Alex Xu----General Manager


To become the preferred membranes manufacturer and trusted partner in the water purification/treatment market.


To help solve the water problem and engage in making better water for the world.


Headquater locates in China, over 40 distributors in over 30 different cities in whole China continent. Global sales team handle trade business in over 100 countries